2016, Oh my!

Lots has happened so far this year.  Here's a recap!  In January Sydney turned 10! She had a sleepover party with her friends.  She requested subway sandwiches and icecream sundeas.  They also stole my phone and took selfies. 
Abby came to visit.  We went to the zoo, topgolf and out to eat.  It was a fun trip! 
I ran the Houston Marathon in under 3 hours and 58 minutes even after being injured for a month.
Jason and went to a Texans playoff game.  It was terrible.
In February we painted Kenzie's room.
The girls ran their first 1k race by themselves.
Sydney went on a field trip to Austin with her school.

Then for Valentines day we camped at Livingston State park. It was a gorgeous weekend and the kids played in the "ditch"all weekend.
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