Custom Fursona Kigurumi

custom fursona kigurumi

Custom Fursona Kigurumi

Whether you are looking for a custom fursona kigurumi to keep your pet warm or you want a kigurumi for yourself, there are many different types of character hats that you can choose from Hedgehog Onesies Some are made from fleece or felt while others use polyfill.


Whether you are looking for a fursona kigurumi that is based on a specific character or a furry friend, you’ll find a wide variety of choices at ApoxonIndustries. They offer a variety of hoodies, each featuring colorful patterns and realistic fur prints. They also offer kigurumi that feature cat faces, a large tail, a medium tail, or thumbhole cuffs.

ApoxonIndustries’ custom work takes between two and five weeks to be completed and shipped. Their kigurumi can be made to fit any size Hello Kitty Onesies Their hoodies are available with a wide range of hood options, including back wings, horns, a large tail, and white faux fur chest poofs.